We are pleased to announce that from the beginning of 2021 we are starting to present ourselves under a new trademark.

The refined visual communication efficiently combines the past with modernity, reflecting who we are, who we were, and how we see our organization in the future.

The new logo symbolizes the values that we want to emphasize in our cooperation with the customers. These attributes are complexity, order, and energy in action, especially important in such dynamically changing market conditions.

And it is with this new energy that we are opening the next chapter of our business, constantly protecting your success!


As always, the Customers remain at the very heart of all our activities – it is for you that we are developing and changing for the better! We believe that the refreshed symbolism will help us even better express the key values and principles that guide us in our daily work, and is going to strengthen the recognition of the Rena-Pol brand as a comprehensive supplier of OSH and MRO products in Poland.

This is not the end of the news that we are planning for the jubilee, 2021 year. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

The author of the logo is Jagoda Janowska – a graphic designer, illustrator, but most importantly, an extremely creative artist. You can admire her other works at Behance.net/jagoda janowska.

Best regards,

The Rena-Pol team