Our offer includes a wide range of multifunctional vending machines.
They allow for more efficient work, but also for significant savings in the field of OSH and MRO categories. Automating the issuing processes allows to ensure no production downtime, lowers the risk of errors, and allows reporting shortages and current stock of necessary products. OSH vending machines with dedicated high standard on-line software stand for comfort and efficient shopping with the use of the latest technologies.

How it works – STEP BY STEP implementation

  1. Establishing a product catalog. Recognizing the user and their needs and current routines concerning products and their work:

– categories/brands

– additional product presentations

– preparing and synchronizing the customer’s database


  1. Selecting the method of accessing the machine:

– employee cards or dedicated key rings


  1. Installing and launching the machine:

– employees can freely obtain products based on the established authorization profiles, and the employer has complete control over it in real time, as well as in the form of various reports from the vending machine platform


The main benefits are:

– Product availability 24/7

– Ongoing wear control

– Savings (money and time)

– Possibility of supplying with any products (OSH and MRO)

– Eliminating mistakes thanks to issuing limits and employee authorization profiles

– An integrated system for managing issuing and collecting products ON-LINE

With the use of a search engine, a special dedicated app allows to display detailed information about the distributed products and the current inventory, on any device. Combining software and a vending machine provides maximum control over the consumption of articles in manufacturing companies. As a result, the quality of work increases.

Machine types:

The D810 and D1080 machines are self-service machines that automatically issue up to 810 or 1080 different products. Based on the principle of a rotating drum, they allow to store a large number of items in a small space. Intuitive management is provided by a display with 15 touch buttons in the basic version or a touch screen in the Pro version. Thanks to a patented compartment scanning system, loading products is both fast and easy. It is also possible to connect a bar code reader to the machine, as well as an auxiliary machine without a user panel.
The machine's impressive capacity is achieved with the function of adjusting the compartments in terms of width and height, which provides up to 9 configuration options. The shelves can be of different sizes. Easily regulated compartments each time allow to adjust the capacity of the machine to the current needs.

The self-service L40 machine allows to automatically issue up to 40 products. The simple construction allows to load large products. The specially designed openings allow to perform an internal 230V* installation providing power for the stored products. Intuitive management is provided through a display with 15 touch sensitive buttons. It is possible to connect the machine with a bar code reader as well as other available machines. The L40S machine serves the role of an ancillary unit for the D540, D1080, F80 and D810 machines. *L40ME is a model adapted for an internal power supply
Thanks to the compartment adjustment function – adjustment of height, in 4 sizes, the machine can be loaded with up to 40 products simultaneously.

The F80 machine constitutes a self-service machine capable of automatically distributing up to 80 different products. Based on feeders, it allows to store a large volume of goods within a small area. Intuitive management is provided through a display with 15 touch sensitive buttons. Loading products is fast and easy. It is possible to connect a bar code reader and an auxiliary machine without a user panel.
The impressive loading capacity is obtained through the use of various types of coil springs, with up to five stroke configurations. A possibility of mounting up to 8 shelves with 10 springs available on each, which can be combined in pairs for larger products. The configuration of springs is unlimited, one shelf may include single and double springs in different sizes at the same time. Easy regulation allows to adjust the loading capacity of the machine to meet the current needs each time.

The warehouse Terminal
it is a solution designed for intuitive and fast warehouse management. It allows to easily virtualize the warehouse, i.e. to accurately recreate the entire, real interior. A 10-inch display ensures comfortable work for both the employees collecting the products and the warehouse workers who issue them.
» Quick reflection of the actual warehouse space
» An intuitive and clear interface
» Quick login and ordering products by an employee
» Limiting products for individual employees
» Remote management from any device with Internet access
» Generating necessary reports and printouts
» Access to data concerning the history of an individual employee's collections
» Control of expiry dates and product limits
» Possibility of integration with any WMS system at the company