We protect your Success

We protect your Success. Our entire philosophy hides under this short slogan. Approaching each customer individually, we provide them and their employees with the protection they need. We support our customers in ensuring the continuity of the production processes.

We deliver products of many brands tailored to the budget, user comfort, safety, as well as visual needs. We want to protect our contractors in terms of all aspects and stages of work. Starting with the physical protection and comfort of employees, up to their psychological comfort and job satisfaction. We strive to take advantage of the most modern solutions and activities in order to facilitate the functioning of others.

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We naturally try to translate the values that we value in a family into relations with the customers, thus creating a unique organizational culture of our company. Transparent and open communication, as well as care and trust, constitute the standards that we value both in internal and external contacts.

We believe that good and socially responsible business is not only about providing the right products but above all, about partnership and caring for the individual customer. It also stands for consulting and support that is at the very heart of our business. Customers are at the center of everything we do and they consistently define the direction of our organization’s development.

We will find a solution to every problem.

At Rena-Pol we combine a practical sense, dynamism, and a decisive approach with analytical and meticulous development of solutions. This strategy makes our philosophy perfect for a rapidly changing reality.

We make every effort to deliver products more efficiently, faster, and at the best prices. We evolve together with our customers and suppliers, and continuous development ensures a consistently high level of the services we offer.

We do our best not to stand still. We are not afraid of everyday challenges and every day we rise to the occasion to ensure that the success of our Customers is within their reach!

A family-run company with traditions

From the passion for safety

We are in business since 1996

What has guided us from the beginning of our activity is caring for people’s safety and health protection. These ideas not only constituted a top-down principle but an integral part of the professional life of our founders, even before starting their business. Shared experiences gained, among others, over the course of many years of working for the State Fire Service and in the chemical industry resulted in that we pay special attention to ensuring that the products and services we offer protect and support people who are particularly exposed to dangers at the workplace.

Furthermore, just like a family, we are growing, and so is the scope of our services and solutions. Generational changes, that are currently taking place in our team, mean that we are constantly developing and adapting our offer to modern economic realities. As a result, we have been continuously expanding and strengthening our position on the local and national market since 1996.

Rena-Pol bezpieczeństwo pracy, ochrona zdrowia, odzież robocza, odzież ochronna, odzież logowana