We are always at your disposal, offering both product and substantive support. We approach each customer individually, trying to choose the products that will best suit the needs of their business. We will show your employees how to properly use PPE – plugs, half masks, gloves or safety glasses - so that they are fully efficient and ensure maximum safety during work.

We offer a comprehensive analysis of product needs developed by our team to determine the correct PPE set for your facility.
It includes both a specification of the correct equipment for your business, as well as a specified strategy that will help you optimize the costs and significantly increase the comfort at the work stations.
To ensure the highest level of knowledge and the possibility to take advantage of the latest solutions in the industry, we also invite our numerous business partners to participate in audits.
In cooperation with the ANSELL company, we will help to carry out a detailed verification of the protective gloves in your plant, thanks to which you will find out exactly what protection you need for each type of position and how to optimize the portfolio of the protective gloves used based on the manufacturer's best recommendations.
The result of the analysis will consist in a special report prepared by the ANSELL consultants along with the guidelines for any possible implementation or replacement of products.

The effect of such cooperation consists in, among others, the package Ansell Guardian package

How does it work?

– we train the Customer’s employees on the basis of current needs and changes in the assortment

– we show how to properly use individual products so that they retain their full protective properties

– we can carry out a product audit in your company with the participation of experienced Rena-Pol employees, as well as of the Manufacturer’s Representatives

– we will present PPE propositions tailored to your needs and will help you choose the optimal products.


How does it benefit your business?

– improving the qualifications of employees as well as OSH services in the field of PPE

– better employee efficiency thanks to well-chosen OSH products

– access to innovative projects and the latest solutions from the leaders of the OSH industry


We know that some things cannot be predicted, and that is why you can count on our help and support at any time. Each Rena-Pol employee is a specialist who knows what to do and supports you in achieving success.

Thanks to ongoing development and experience, we constantly improve and raise our competences for you.