At Rena-Pol, we strive for the simplest and most transparent solutions for our Customers. We don't generate hidden costs related to the process of sewing and servicing the clothes and we help our customers to manage the available resources in the best possible way.

Example scheme of cooperation – project stages

  1. Final selection and tests of clothing for employees at a given position.
  2. Measuring employees.
  3. Creating a database necessary to handle the washing process at the Customer’s premises, i.e. employee data, authorization profiles, due dates for replacing clothes, departments, cost centers, and cabinet numbers.
  4. Sewing sets of clothes for the current employees and creating the Customer’s Clothing Storage.
  5. Current sewing, marking, and deliveries of complete sets of clothing for the new employees (according to a determined size chart) and monitoring the stock of clothing as agreed

Strategic customer service – OSH outsourcing