We provide our Customer’s employees with the highest quality corporate and protective clothing.

Corporate clothing
Corporate clothing means category I protective clothing. This category includes all products that protect the clothing of a given person or themselves against dirt, as well as against basic dangers, such as abrasions, weather factors, and temperatures. These products allow for a uniform standard of employee appearance in your company.

We know how important comfort is when it comes to work clothes, but also their design and functionality. Apart from ready-made solutions, we also offer our own products, sewn in Polish sewing plants. Together with the Customer, we design clothing and a “tailored” process, fully adapted to the Customer’s needs. Starting with the design, up to sewing and marking clothes with the Customer’s logo. We know how important it is to pay attention to detail, which is why we help our Customers select the right number of pockets, the type of snaps, zippers, and other details that will ensure the highest comfort of use for the employees.

The brands we cooperate with:

Protective clothing

Protective clothing is an important element of personal protective equipment. It protects employees against various mechanical, chemical, thermal, biological or atmospheric hazards.
The clothing we offer will protect you at wide variety of jobs and industries. They are certified to suit the most demanding conditions your staff members might be facing. We cooperate with well-known, high quality brands.

Our offer consists of:
- thermoregulating clothing;
- cleanroom clothing;
- protective clothing against electric shock;
- cut protection clothing;
- ESD clothing;
and many more…

How does it work?
– we evaluate the needs of your facility and employees in terms of the protection leve; and type of clothing
- we pre-select and test models that will allow for the greatest functionality and effective work.
- based on in-house test results, we sew and label clothing in accordance with selected design;
- we deliver ready-to-wear products and secure safety stocks of products based on established cooperation schedules;
- we support our customers in efficient clothing management thank to the on-line platform eSzafaPracownika.