Washing personal protective equipment is a solution allowing you to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace. It is also a great alternative for generating savings by reusing protective gloves, extending their life cycle, and reducing the costs of the disposal of the used-up products.

More and more protective gloves available on the market are created and tested in terms of maintaining their properties even after repeated washing.
By following the manufacturer's guidelines concerning the used washing agents as well as the method and temperature of washing or drying, we guarantee that the gloves will be reused, and that their quality and properties do not differ from new products.
Washing gloves saves the company's expenses, but also minimizes the negative impact on the environment. We are aware of the importance of ecology. Thanks to our solution, you use less, and thus generate less waste!

At Rena-Pol, we go a step further and help automate the entire process of washing protective gloves.
Thanks to using automated solutions, such as safety and health vending machines, we help our customers design the entire process. Starting with purchasing a new glove, through its optimal use and a system for registering the return of used products, up to collecting washed gloves and reusing them.

What can the implementation of glove washing at your company look like:

– we will select the right protective gloves dedicated to the hazards at a given workplace, as well as tested in terms of maintaining their properties after washing;

– we will perform product tests, verifying what types of impurities can be found at a given plant;

– we will select a special process for washing the gloves, taking into consideration the optimal washing agents, washing and drying methods, as well as the quality control of the gloves before and after washing;

– we will plan the process of collecting and redistributing the gloves to the employees

– we will provide data and reports concerning the savings generated thanks to the washing process