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We offer a rich product portfolio, tailored to meet your needs.

We work with the leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment.

Safety and comfort at the workplace are our priorities. For years, we have been cooperating with the largest Polish and international manufacturers from the OSH industry, constantly expanding this group with those creating better and innovative solutions. We constantly train our staff in order to help the Customers choose the optimal solutions, tailored to the needs of their plant and employees. Our offer includes everything related to occupational safety and health: personal protective equipment (eye, hand, head, and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protection against falling, footwear), first aid articles, safe knives, fire protection articles, or OSH signs.

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We provide modern solutions for the industry.

Quality and availability are the key elements when it comes to guaranteeing the continuity of work at a plant. Our portfolio includes products of reliable international brands, starting with cleaners and sorbents, up to industrial chemical agents, tools, abrasive materials, pneumatic elements, or LOTO systems.

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We design a "tailor-made" process for servicing the clothing of employees.

Together with our Customers, we determine a “tailor-made” process for managing the clothing of employees. We offer clothing produced in Poland, sewn and marked in accordance with a given specification and pattern. We manage clothing stocks and provide a dedicated program for completely recording and managing clothing issuing at the Customer’s plant


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We automate the product deliveries and provide Customers with the service of monitoring and issuing them 24/7.

We support our Customers in easily managing and controlling issuing OSH/MRO articles thanks to industrial dispensing machines. We offer purchasing or leasing the machines with complete support in terms of implementing and handling the solution at the Customer’s plant.

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Rena-Pol bezpieczeństwo pracy, ochrona zdrowia, odzież robocza, odzież ochronna, odzież logowana

An individual approach to the Customer is our specialty.

We perfectly understand the diverse and individual needs of our customers. Since 1996, we have been working with the largest production plants in Poland, supporting our Customers in ensuring that their employees are well prepared for safe and comfortable work, as well as ensuring the continuity of the production processes.

We specialize in a comprehensive supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and (MRO) for plants from various industries.

The Customers are at the very heart of our activities.

Dedicated customer consultants

We are experts in the field of our operation, and we provide professional consultations for our customers, constantly training our team and broadening its knowledge and competencies.

An individual approach

We base our cooperation with the customers on individually selecting the products and the proper service model. We are open to the needs and special requests of the Customers, as well as to supporting them in the dynamically changing business environment.

Support in optimizing costs and increasing production efficiency

We offer modern products for the most demanding customers, paying particular attention to optimizing the expenditures of customers in terms of PPE and MRO. We offer customers competitive prices and business solutions that constitute an added value for production plants.

Our services

We understand the specific and non-uniform requirements of production plants perfectly well. That is precisely why our main goal is to develop a proper model of cooperating with Customers that intends to support even the most demanding aspects of the production process. For this purpose, we offer a number of specialized additional services, selected and tailored to the unique needs of our Customers.

Rena-Pol bezpieczeństwo pracy, ochrona zdrowia, odzież robocza, odzież ochronna, odzież logowana

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Product training and audits

Together with our business partners, we help in verifying the currently used OSH measures, as well as in selecting the proper solution in the field of optimal protective equipment for a given workplace.

OSH outsourcing – strategic Customer service

A dedicated branch of Rena-Pol at the Customer’s plant, in order to respond to the Customer’s individual needs even better and faster. We consolidate purchases in various areas of managing the supply chain.

Protective prescription glasses

Professional service of selecting and manufacturing corrective protective glasses for employees. Starting with an eye examination, through choosing a frame and a consultation with an optometrist.

Laundry – gloves and clothing

We help our customers save and at the same time care for the environment, thanks to a longer product life cycle.

Automatic dispensers

We automate issuing OSH articles as well as maintenance products, providing customers with continuous access to products, complete control over the stock, as well as distribution records.

Employee clothing management

We design “tailor-made” solutions concerning employee garments. Starting with a dedicated design, up to a distribution system, and periodic changes of clothes.