Hearing protection is only effective when used, so comfort is essential. Honeywell Verishield ™ 100 series passive earmuffs (vs100) will be the answer.

Potentially harmful levels of industrial noise can arise from hundreds of different causes in thousands of different work environments. From factory premises to working outside with machines, from handled tools up to the processes in progress, all of these can be a source of noise. That is why all employees must be effectively protected. The VeriShield ™ 100 series of products ensures comfort and protection against any level of noise, in any industry, for every worker. WHO SHOULD USE IT? The Honeywell company personalizes hearing protection. The VeriShield™ earmuffs can be used as a hearing protection solution by a variety of workers for a multitude of reasons.

They are available as two types of headbands – steel wire and a dielectric headband, which have a wide range of dimensions, and many adjustment options make it easier to precisely adjust them to the shape of the head. The wide ear cup opening is perfect for workers with larger ears or wearing hearing aids. The ear cup opening surface has increased by 16% compared to the previous versions.

All VS100 models feature the patented Sound Management technology (SMT) – which increases worker safety by blocking out harmful noises, while at the same time making voices and signals sound more natural. This allows users to hear speech frequencies with less distortion (higher articulation index), reducing worker isolation and overprotection.

Available in a variety of styles, from foldable, overhead, helmet, neck, up to multi-position and reflective options, a variety of head attachment options for easy PPE integration, and muffling levels make it easy to find the perfect earpiece for the right level of protection and comfort. Combining optimal comfort with reliable protection, the VeriShield™ 100 series provides workers with ear muffs they will want to wear.