The CERVA brand has officially joined the Rena-Pol portfolio!

CERVA is a renowned manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Personal Protective Equipment, as well as OSH products that contribute to the protection of what is most valuable to all of us – human health. The CERVA company was founded in 1991. It currently owns 14 foreign branches, and it has been building its strong brand in Poland for 8 years.

It provides a wide portfolio of products that ensure professional protection in the work environment. The CERVA products, such as workwear, footwear, gloves, head protection, as well as hearing and eye protection, are dedicated to a wide number of industries and professions, for every season, meeting the required standards. They are functional, ergonomic, comfortable, and at the same time guarantee adequate protection in the work environment.

Each year, the manufacturer’s team of designers and technical experts develops several hundred new products that undergo stringent research and testing before being put on the market. All of this to constantly improve the quality, set trends, and to respond to the expectations of the users.

Thanks to a large warehouse space and efficient logistics processes, CERVA ensures a rich availability of its products and fast delivery for Rena-Pol’s Customers.

Contact us to find out about the offer of CERVA products dedicated to your production plant and to receive support in terms of selecting products!