In its offer Rena-Pol includes professional support in the process of providing corrective protective glasses for employees of production plants.

We especially recommend the UVEX brand to our Customers, which offers a wide range of solutions in the field of employee eye protection. Thanks to the possibility of creating safety glasses or goggles tailored to a user’s individual needs, as well as to a workplace’s characteristics, the employer can ensure maximum comfort and safety for the entire team. Uvex prescription and protective glasses are custom-made and take into account the values of measurements taken by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. They are fully compliant with the requirements of the EN 166 standard and have high mechanical strength (class S or F – depending on the lens material). Thanks to this, they can be used as certified safety glasses.

Such a solution allows to avoid the need to use overlay protective glasses and to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time, which significantly improves the user’s comfort of work!

Uvex prescription and protective glasses are characterized by a wide range of available frame models: metal, titanium, plastic, and sports, in various sizes and colors. As a result, the glasses can be adjusted to any face shape guaranteeing a secure fit and protecting the eyes and their immediate vicinity.

The most significant advantages of uvex prescription and protective glasses include:

  • the possibility of manufacturing the glasses regardless of the visual impairment (even + 10.00dpt. and -14.5dpt.);
  • a wide range of available types of lenses, types of coatings, and additional parameters of mechanical resistance (e.g. resistance to surface damage or temperature resistance);
  • a 12-month warranty and post-warranty service;
  • a case and a microfiber cloth included with each pair of glasses;
  • a large selection of accessories allowing to extend the service life, i.e. cleaning stations and wet wipes for glasses, an additional case.

Prescription safety glasses can be ordered remotely (based on a prescription and measurements made by an appropriate specialist) or directly at the workplace during a visit by a mobile optometrist and/or uvex representatives. In such a case, ordering corrective and protective glasses may be preceded by a workplace audit and eye tests carried out on the premises of the plant.

A flexible offer, complete after-sales service and quick order fulfillment result in the fact that corrective and protective glasses continue to gain popularity. Protective glasses, perfectly suited to an employee’s requirements and needs, will be worn with pleasure and reliably protect employees regardless of the type of the performed work.

Contact a Rena-Pol representative for more information concerning the details of implementing the process of manufacturing corrective and protective glasses in your company.

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